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MMF to M4A Converter

Convert MMF to M4A

MMF to M4A software converts MMF to M4A and supports more than 110 audio and video files. The software also supports batch conversion and is full compatible with Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2000.

  1. Free Download MMF to M4A software and then install the software by instructions

  2. Launch MMF to M4A Software
  3. Choose MMF Files

  4. Click "Add Files"
    Click "Add Files" button to choose MMF files and add them to conversion list.

    Choose one or more MMF files
    Choose one or more MMF files you want to convert and then click Open.

  5. Choose "to M4A"

    to M4A

  6. Convert MMF to M4A

    Click "Convert"
    Click button "Convert" to convert MMF files to M4A format.

    Convert to One
    Alternatively, you could click "Convert to One" to convert and combine/join/merge multiple MMF files to one M4A.

    Converting MMF to M4A
    The software is converting MMF files to M4A format.

  7. Play & Browse

  8. Play & Browse
    Right-click converted item and choose "Play Destination" to play the destination file, choose "Browse Destination Folder" to open Windows Explorer to browse the destination file.

  9. Done

What is MMF?
This is a music data format specified by Yamaha for portable electronic devices, such as cell phones and PDAs. The file extension for SMAF is .MMF and is common as ringtones for mobile phones with one of five sound chips.

SMAF resembles MIDI, but also supports graphics and PCM sound playback. Its MIDI playback is produced via FM synthesis or PCM wavetable synthesis, where instrument data (parameters and/or PCM samples) is stored within the .MMF file itself, similar to module files. This enables users to create custom instruments, which will sound exactly the same on devices with the same chip.

What is M4A?
MPEG-4 Audio. Because of its exceptional performance and quality, Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) is at the core of the MPEG-4, 3GPP and 3GPP2 specifications and is the audio codec of choice for Internet, wireless and digital broadcast arenas. AAC provides audio encoding that compresses much more efficiently than older formats, such as MP3, yet delivers quality rivaling that of uncompressed CD audio.

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